Assam 2nd Flush

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Full-bodied, spicy and elegant, strong malty flavour.

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Back in 1823, people discovered tea shrubs growing in the wild in the northern Indian province  of Assam - and cultivated them into their own plant.

The largest tea growing area in the world is now located on both sides of the powerful Brahmaputra River.

Because of the humid climate there, the conditions are perfect for the tea plant. Assam teas often have a very strong and malty flavour with fine notes of honey.

Very good quality Assam tea with a fine tippy leaf and a copper colored cup.

The tea leaves are so rich in extracts, with a powerful aroma, that even harder water will not detract from your enjoyment of the tea. The cup is strong and dark.

Assam teas make an excellent basis for many tea blends, such as the popular East Frisian teas, whose full flavour unfolds when mixed with cream and sweetened with rock candy.


FTGFOP1 2nd Flush Ethelwold

  • FTGFOP1 - Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe First Grade Leaves (8th of 9, 9 being the highest quality on black tea grading scale)
  • Ethelwold - Tea garden located at NW of Assam district, stone's throw from Chinese border.

high caffeine

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp for 200ml, 3-4 min, 100 °C

This particular tea is very good for multiple infusions. Just add fresh hot water to the pot and increase the steeping time slightly for each subsequent infusion. Repeat until the flavor starts to fade.


How many cups of tea there is:

  50 grams - 33 cups*
100 grams - 66 cups*
150 grams - 100 cups*
250 grams - 166 cups*

* - on average, based on 200 ml cup and one infusion.

Aroma:powerful and warm, softly malty
Taste:full-bodied, spicy and elegant, strong malty flavor
Taste - category:Full-bodied
Appearance:fine tippy brown and golden leaves
Infusion:bright, coppery colour

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Assam 2nd Flush

Assam 2nd Flush

Full-bodied, spicy and elegant, strong malty flavour.

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