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Green tea with papaya bits, ginkgo leaves, sour cherry halves and flavours.

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Because of the unusual shape of its leaves, the Ginkgo bilabo has been connected to the symbols of yin and yang in Asian philosophy from a very early time and viewed itself as a symbol of harmony. Its vitality and remarkable age (the Ginkgo is referred to as a living fossil, since it they have existed continuously since the primeval period) have sponsored many myths around the plant.

Ginkgo is believed to have nootropic properties, and is mainly used as memory and concentration enhancer, and anti-vertigo agent.

In China, the seeds, roots and leaves of the tree have been in use forever. Goethe helped make the Ginkgo well known here, because he saw the leaf as a symbol of friendship and erected a literary monument to the tree. Our Ginkgo teas are made with the freshly cut leaves and yield a refreshing beverage for any time of year.

medium caffeine

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp for 200ml, 2-3 min, 80 °C


How many cups of tea there is:

  50 grams - 33 cups*
100 grams - 66 cups*
150 grams - 100 cups*
250 grams - 166 cups*

* - on average, based on 200 ml cup and one infusion

Taste:sweet and smooth gingko flavor with longer finish
Taste - category:Sweet
Aroma:sweet and spicy with grassy freshness
Infusion:light jade green
Appearance:light green long leaf with papaya bits and gingko leaves
Contains:green tea, papaya bits, gingko leaves and sour cherry halves

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Green tea with papaya bits, ginkgo leaves, sour cherry halves and flavours.

Alu Tin, 25 grams
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Tea Tin "Avalon" 25g square

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