Slimming Tea - True or False

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Topic that’s been widely discussed for last couple decades. And yet, there are still two completely different opinions, results and vast amount of studies. So we thought we’d give you our opinion and share our experience.

As you can imagine, us, tea fans and merchants, we have been doing our research and testing ever since we came across the first so called magical slimming brew. On one side, there are these ‘scientific studies and cases’ usually coming from reputable Universities or Scientific Institutions. I wouldn’t want to go into assessing their credibility or level of expertise, but in these days, it is hard to say, which study to trust to or not. And on other side, we have this humongous crowd of sceptics and non-believers. They would argue, “it’s a nonsense”, “it hasn’t been 100% proven”, that some funky looking blend of leaves and flowers can axe the, in majority cases, little squishy, charming and beautiful addition to your curves. So there we are, two camps where everyone’s convinced of their truth. And that is completely fine as there is no such a thing as a ‘universal true’…at least in my opinion.

However, you probably got this far in the text to expect a resolution, professional advice or simply acknowledgment of what you believe in. And I am sorry, I won’t give you any of that.

The “real truth” is, we all are unique human beings and as such, what works for my pal, sister or parent, doesn’t necessarily need to work for me.

Saying that, the herbal supplements are in some way kind of magical and can certainly support you along the way. But without changes in your diet and life style, results can be either temporary or disappointing from the start. So please, if you really mean it and want to take few kilos of your temple, do the research yourself, test ‘whatever’ healthy you come across, but mainly, don’t give up!

Our advice is, trust your senses and your instincts. No one, or nothing will do this bit for you, only yourself, your will and perseverance can get you from A to B.

May force be with you! ;)


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