Golden Fortune Balls

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Contains green tea and calendula blossoms. Soft, finely aromatic and slightly fruity.

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Hand-rolled/tied green tea with calendula blossoms. Light jasmine taste.  Beautiful small paper packaging box fits right for one ball only.

Say it with flower...

flowering tea setIn China you know you are an extremely esteemed guest when your host does you the honour of pouring hot water over one of these delicate constructs and “sacrificing” it to prepare tea. The most fascinating spectacle then takes place within the teapot. What you see is a small bundle of tea (gong yi cha) very skilfully crafted by hand into the shape of a small parcel or bouquet, a ball or a chrysanthemum bud, which then unfurls into an exotic flower while the water takes on its fine aroma.

It’s as much a pleasure for the eyes as it is for the palate. Understandably, flowering teas are best enjoyed in glass teapots, so that observers can follow the entire process of „blossoming” without interruption. We might point out that these culinary objets d’art also make the perfect gift idea for that special someone in your life. Besides, who said that flowers could only be given by the bouquet?

medium caffeine

Brewing Instructions: 1 bulb for 300ml, infuse until the flower opens, usually about 5 minutes100 °C

b* - one bulb weight cca 8 grams

Taste - category:Sweet
Infusion:bright, golden infusion
Aroma:gentle flower aroma
Taste:clean and sweet floral flavor

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Golden Fortune Balls

Golden Fortune Balls

Contains green tea and calendula blossoms. Soft, finely aromatic and slightly fruity.

Alu Tin, 125 grams
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Alu tin "Till" 125gr round

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