Jasmine Chung Hao

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A top quality tea with fine green leaf crowned with delicate silver buds - a specialty.


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This tea was only allowed at the Chinese Emperor‘s court.

Full bodied green tea, scented many times with fresh jasmine. 

The basis for this specialty tea is Pouchong – a tea of special quality with a flavour reminiscent of green tea with a hint of oolong. Jasmine blossoms, which have been freshly picked by moonlight, are blended with warm Pouchong leaves, which take on their scent and flavour. The valuable blossoms are later taken back out, except for a few which are left in for decoration. The cup is light orange and enchants the drinker with its tender flavour

medium caffeine

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp for 200ml, 2-3 min, 70 °C

This particular tea is very good for multiple infusions. Just add fresh hot water to the pot and increase the steeping time slightly for each subsequent infusion. Repeat until the flavor starts to fade.


How many cups of tea there is:

  20 grams - 13 cups*
  50 grams - 33 cups*
100 grams - 66 cups*
150 grams - 100 cups*
250 grams - 166 cups*

* - on average, based on 200 ml cup and one infusion.

Aroma:fresh sweetness lifted by jasmine aroma
Taste:sweet and tender with fresh jasmine fragrance
Taste - category:Floral
Appearance:fine dark brown leaf with silver buds
Infusion:light orange


I bought some Jasmine Chung Hao for my 16 year old son. I now declare it to be my favourite tea - soothing, calming and with a delightful aroma!

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    Jasmine Chung Hao

    Jasmine Chung Hao

    A top quality tea with fine green leaf crowned with delicate silver buds - a specialty.


    Alu Tin, 100 grams
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    Tea Tin "Avalon", 100gr square
    Alu Tin, 25 grams
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    Tea Tin "Avalon" 25g square
    Ball Strainer diameter 6.5 cms
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    One last missing piece of tea accessories for the sublime brew.

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