When the Tea Story just begun

Company Tea Story was founded by David Nemec and Martin Kubec in London UK at the end of 2010, even though the inspiration for what would become a business started a long time ago, as a dream.

David had a nomadic youth, travelling the world, visiting many countries, stretching from the Far East to the isolated Islands in Caribbean. Of all the places he visited, the destination he adored most and always came back to whenever possible was the Far East. Primarily because of the special atmosphere, diverse culture, history, exquisite cuisine, beautiful people and to indulge his great passion, drinking of high quality loose tea.

Martin’s passion for tea didn’t come from travelling the world as David’s did: in 1999 he was on a first date with the girl of his dreams in a cozy tearoom in Northern Bohemia when he realized, that the community devoted to this social activity/entertainment is fulfilling him with sense of happiness, vitality and fortune. Tea culture doesn’t bring only the remarkable delight of flavors and scents of the fresh high quality tea, but it also links the experience, knowledge and hobbies of various types of personalities.

Why we choose the name

We chose to call ourselves "Tea Story" as that is what we want to offer you, the story of tea. Tea has been harvested and produced on this planet for thousands of years. There are a myriad of different types of tea, each one bringing their own unique features and flavors. We want to tell you the story of some of these, to show you how the way the plant has been grown, harvested and blended leads to it's individuality. As our slogan says… it’s more than just tea.

And that is exactly what our goal is, to share the experience we gained throughout the years with the public, with you. And believe us or not, there are lots of stories to tell. These will be brought to you in many different ways; articles published on our website, weekly newsletters if you’d wish to subscribe, competitions and workshops.

The quality of the tea is important 

Teas on our menu are very carefully selected putting emphasis on high quality and freshness. We offer teas well-known, rare ones, specialties, teas non-teas, herbals and blended teas with added flavors. All our suppliers are long established with traditional as well as modern ways of growing and harvesting of the tea.

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